Your Hosts

(Find out, who will spoil you at the Wolf's Den)

We are Harry and Yvonne Ochsner, we where born and raised in Switzerland.  We made the big step to immigrate to the Yukon Territory back in 2002.

Me, Harry, was born 1960. In Switzerland, I worked as an independent carpenter. It was a challenge for me to build our own Restaurant. 

Me, Yvonne, born 1963, ran  a courier service in Zurich, Switzerland. The prospect to lead a Restaurant was a step into independence for me.

In January 2000, we began the lengthy application process for the permanent Residency to Canada. In the following 15 months, we experienced many "up's" and "down's". Thanks to the assistance of friends, and especially by our parents, we overcame this tough period. Finally, in April 2001, we saw our wish fulfilled.  

In February 2002, we said our farewell to Switzerland and our great adventure in the Yukon could begin. We got the chance to convert our dream into reality at the Caribou RV Park, which is runned by our friends Herbert and Evie.

We acquired, moved  and renovated a log  House, built 23 years ago.  The result reflects our great pride ...

The Wolf's Den Restaurant

Harry and Yvonne Ochsner